Thursday, April 8, 2010

Fool Moon

I enjoyed Storm Front, Book 1 of the Dresden Files, about a year ago, and I finally got around to reading the sequel. Once again, I'm going to keep it brief, because it's a quick read.

For Harry Dresden, the only registered wizard in the Chicago phone book, business has been pretty much dead. And that's dead dead, not like a vampire or a zombie or anything. But a few things change for the worse when he actually does get a job. Because there are bloody paw prints left at the scene of the crime. And there are tooth marks on the corpses of the deceased. Really, if you can't figure out what the big deal is, you need to get out more.

As always, Jim Butcher's writing style is crisp, fluid, and full of character. It comes right off the page smoothly, adding to the mental movie of the proceedings that you will immediately have. And speaking of character, let's talk about Harry Dresden himself. Butcher isn't afraid to put the titular Dresden through the wringer, and it's astounding how low he gets beaten.

But perhaps the most remarkable aspect of it all is how Butcher still keeps the story feeling fun, even with all the darkness that goes on. There is murder, betrayal, and copious amounts of both guilt and angst, but the story stays fun. Bob, the enchanted talking skull, is a hoot, and Dresden frequently exchanges witty banter. Part Sam Spade, part Malcolm Reynolds, Dredsen's is an entertaining voice to tell the story with.

I know I'll read Book Three, Grave Peril, at some point, as this was an improvement upon the first.

My rating: 9/10

Coming Soon: The Clash of the Titans remake.

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