Friday, October 16, 2009

My 25 Favorite Movie Scenes, Part III

The list goes on, and the moments are getting more memorable.

14. Neo vs. Agent Smith (The Matrix): No, not any of the later standoffs with the Smith clones. This is the real deal, the reason people fell in love with these movies to begin with. There is a great use of bullet-time here, one where-- hey-- there are actual bullets being fired.

13. Final Scene (12 Angry Men): Henry Fonda is fantastic. I adore this movie. And the pivotal final moment is one where it is impossible to pull your eyes away from the screen.

12. Can-Can Fight (Stardust): Maybe I should just say “All of Stardust”. You really must watch this movie if you haven’t yet. And read the book, too. They’re both good. That aside, this is the best use of the Can-Can you’ll ever find in a movie, and the Robert DeNiro element is absolutely perfect.

11. Landing Sequence (Airplane!): If you haven’t watched this comedy goofball masterpiece, do so this instant. This is full of so many visual gags, but my favorite is the “just kidding” moment with the lights. Those who have seen it know what I mean.

10. Scar Story (The Dark Knight): Isn’t this just creepy? I mean, seriously. Heath Ledger was one of a kind, and his scenes are both immensely quotable and impossible not to watch. The depth with which he gets into his character proves he deserved his Oscar.
Coming Soon: More of the list.

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Melissa (My World) said...

I have not seen all these movies yet. I have seen Matrix and just love that scene. I have seen Airplane as well. lol. I have not yet seen Batman with Heath in it. I just have not been able to get to it. I have to see it just to see how they did this movie.

Great list, can't wait to see the rest.