Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My 25 Favorite Movie Scenes, Part I

I'm a big fan of movies. I just absolutely love them. And I would reccomend any of the movies on the list for the scenes I picked alone. So, while they may not be the best 25 movie scenes ever, they're my favorite movie scenes.

25. Falling With Style Reprise (Toy Story): I know this is a strange way to start this list off, but it’s true. The music is top-notch, the voice-acting is great, and there’s no way I can keep Pixar off this list. They’re geniuses.

24. Hollywood Finale (Blazing Saddles): And the great Mel Brooks, master of comedy, has made it onto the list. This one is a hoot, ripping the characters out of their time and straight into ours. Don’t miss the great pie fight and the Blazing Saddles premiere.

23. Hogwarts Unveiling (Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone): While I am not always a fan of Chris Columbus’ films, this one strikes the perfect balance of music (by John Williams) and visuals. An unforgettable bit of movie magic-- pardon the pun.

22. Anakin/Obi-Wan Duel (Star Wars Episode III-- Revenge of the Sith): This climactic scene from everybody’s favorite series of oddly-named films is an absolute winner, with some of John Williams’ best scoring and one of the saga’s high emotional (and tragic) points.

21. Lucy at the Lamp Post (The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe): This is a magical moment with amazing cinematography and authentic acting from Georgie Henley. Once again, the score helps sell this moment.

20. Wolverine and Jean/Phoenix (X-Men-- The Last Stand): I wouldn’t put this one on here, except for the score. The music here is some of the best-placed I’ve ever heard in a movie, and the emotions run high while the scene feels truly epic.

Coming Soon: Just After Sunset and the next five winners.


Krista said...

How cool! Some good movies you have there! Man, I love movies too. Great stuff.

logankstewart said...

This is a great idea you've got here. But I definitely could not have included the X3 scene on that list. No me gusta.

I'm looking forward to seeing your next five favorite scenes.

David Wagner said...

You should grab the clips off of YouTube to go along with the list! Then we can watch them and read your thoughts on them...

I love lists like this. Good call.

Melissa (My World) said...

I have seen all these movies! I am surprised. As much as I like to watch movies I really don't usually see what everyone is talking about. So, I feel good and that I am up with what is going on. Can't wait to see the rest.