Friday, August 6, 2010

Thoughts While Writing... About Writing

Well, it's the tagline of the blog, and yet the only real glimpse I give into the mind of a novice, unpublished writer is my taste in books (and occasionally movies). It's time I gave some random thoughts that went through my head recently about writing. This is free-form, and in no particular order. Aren't experiments fun, kids?

I am fascinated by the relationship between story and ideas. Here's my thought: If the ideas come forth the moment you actively think about a story, the chances are the story's good.

I love it when a plan comes together, when it seems the answers to the questions my story raises are actually out there, not waiting to be invented, but instead discovered.

When you have an idea for a story that feels like a mix between The Spiderwick Chronicles and the TV show Chuck, it's time to start writing.

It's a scary moment when you have an idea for a story that seems simple-- but later on it becomes apparent that it really has to do with quantum physics.

Don't ever try to write the 700 page fantasy epic first. I've tried it. Believe me: It will be very rough, and you will want to die.

On another token, don't write a story that takes place simultaneously in three time lines. If such a story rears its head, run like the devil himself is on your tail. Whatever you do, do NOT proceed to map out the story over six books. To do such would be madness.

When your hand cramps from writing, it means the story's getting good.

And lastly:

If you have a vivid dream, it's your mind telling you to get up and write NOW.

Until The Desert Spear review, which should be soon, since I've finished the book,

The Writer

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