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"The Lost Books-- Lunatic and Elyon" reviews

Ted Dekker's Circle Trilogy captivated readers with an alternate world with events that impact our own. He introduced us to the Books of History. With the Paradise Novels he returned. And, at the beginning of last year, he began an epic 6-book jaunt back into the land of Roush and Shataiki, Forest Guard and Horde, Elyon and Teeleh. But last summer, with the publication of Chaos, it seemed as if the journey had ended with book four of six.

Here's the truth: It's not over yet.

Long-time Dekker fans will remember the climax of Red, when Elyon's lakes turned (you guessed it) blood red. Thomas had discovered the secret of the change and those who followed him formed the Circle. The Horde, however, took over the Middle Forest.

Johnis, Darsal, and Silvie return to their home five years after they left it. And much has changed. They find themselves amongst the Horde, and they have lost the Lost Books of History-- again. Darsal is separated from Johnis and Silvie, and then captured. Now she must love the Horde for Elyon. For Johnis. But the general Marak, who gave the order for his own brother's execution, will be hard to love.

Meanwhile, Johnis and Silvie do not trust the red water. So they slowly, painfully, begin to turn Scab. And Johnis recieves visions from a piercing figure named Shaeda, with one purple eye and one blue eye. She is one of the Leedham, and she has chosen Johnis for a dangerous mission, one that will require him to become the very thing he wants most to destroy.

Ted Dekker has teamed up with another writer, Kaci Hill, to complete the series. Hill's writing is not unlike Dekker's, and together, they create a nonstop ride that leaves you breathless for all of the 600 total pages of these two volumes. There are some truly gripping action scenes here, and they are used to great effect to counterbalance some of the more emotional scenes with Darsal. Plus, Dekker and Hill really bring vampires into the mix, which is always a bonus prize for any tale well told. When all is said and done, while each Lost Book has a different feel from the last, I can confidantly say that Lunatic and Elyon are the best two of the series.

If you've never read Dekker... don't start here. You'll be totally lost. That's not bad in of itself, but you'll enjoy these gems better if you read The Circle Trilogy, The Paradise Novels, House, Skin, and the first four Lost Books before embarking on this journey. But don't worry. They're all really good.

Dive deep.

My ratings:

Lunatic: 9/10

Elyon: 10/10
Series rating: 9/10

Coming Soon: Dragon's Heart, The Ruins of Gorlan, and The Blade Itself.

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