Tuesday, June 30, 2009

"Erec Rex-- The Search for Truth" review

It's been a year and a half since I've had a new Erec Rex book to read. And I was hoping that I wasn't remembering the series too highly, as I have done before on occasion. But Erec Rex-- The Search for Truth is proof that this series is something great: wonderful creativity, impressive storytelling chops from Kaza Kingsley, interesting characters, and a bit of pure magic. Book 3 is the best yet.
Last time we saw young Erec, we found out that he's got more to him than meets the eye (no pun, Transformers or otherwise, intended). He's older than he thought he was, he has to complete twelve near-impossible tasks, and he has two dragon eyes given to him by Aoquesteth. He has now finished the first two of his tasks, but it will only get more difficult from here.
The story starts with a bang as Erec literally falls into the hands of the villain-- Thanatos Argus Baskania. He flees to King Piter's castle in Alypium, barely escaping, but the quests ahead of him (there are TEN more, by the way) will be further complicated by the fact that the Stain triplets are competing as well, under the tutelage of Baskania.

Oh, and Erec is turning into a dragon.

He, along with his friends Bethany, Jack, and Jam, must decipher the riddle-laden quests, which will take him to the most beautiful and exotic locales in Upper Earth-- and beyond. And he must do it in time to stop the visions of destruction ahead of him. But through it all, he will search for the truth of his past, even if doing so produces catastrophic results.

Kingsley doesn't pull her punches as a storyteller. Many of the elements of this book would have been saved until the series finale in the yet-to-come Book 8, or at least the very end of this one. But Kingsley lets the revelations come all throughout the story, and it serves the book to great effect. She gives the reader a lot of information while still keeping them guessing, a skill that is hard to keep going for the 1000+ pages in this series so far.

Once again, I must commend Kingsley for the creativity of her world. Many of the imaginative creations of her mind still amaze me. I want to know how she gets all of her ideas, because the details add a whole new dimension of fun to the book.

As a whole, Erec Rex-- The Search for Truth is a satisfying read, giving the reader a full and complete story, but leaving them hungry for the sequel. I for one can't wait to see what happens in Book 4-- The Three Furies. It can't come soon enough.
My rating: 10/10
Coming Soon: Into the Wild and The 13th Reality-- The Journal of Curious Letters.

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