Thursday, April 10, 2008

More Book Previews

The Keys to the Kingdom-- Superior Saturday: Garth Nix is back with the sixth explosive title in his gripping fantasy series, The Keys to the Kingdom. On the Sixth Day, there was Sorcery Arthur Penhaligon has wrested five of the Keys from their immortal guardians, the Trustees of the Will. But gaining the Sixth Key poses a greater challenge than any he has ever faced before. Superior Saturday is not just one of the Trustees, she is also the oldest Denizen and the most powerful and knowledgeable sorcerer within the House. She has tens of thousands of sorcerers at her command -- and she has been preparing her forces all along for the Will's escape and the activities of the Rightful Heir. Everything is all just part of a greater plan she has been hatching for ten thousand years. As Saturday's schemes become evident, Arthur is beset on all sides. Nothing is eroding the House, and only the power of the Keys can hold back the tide of destruction. His mother is still missing. His home city is under attack. His allies are unreliable.He can't even get into the apparently impregnable Upper House and even if he does, finding the Sixth Part of the Will and gaining the Sixth Key might not be enough to counter Saturday's sorcerous hordes or stop her bid for ultimate power. Out July 1.

Artemis Fowl-- The Time Paradox: Out July 15.

The Books of Ember-- The Diamond of Darkhold: It’s been several months since Lina and Doon escaped the dying city of Ember and, along with the rest of their people, joined the town of Sparks. Now, struggling through the harsh winter aboveground, they find an unusual book. Torn up and missing most of its pages, it alludes to a mysterious device from before the Disaster, which they believe is still in Ember. Together, Lina and Doon must go back underground to retrieve what was lost and bring light to a dark world. Out August 26.

Charlie Bone and the Shadow: The enchanter Count Harken is back to take his revenge on the Red King's heirs, starting with Charlie Bone's family! Charlie's ancestor has been kidnapped and imprisoned in the dark, forbidding land of Badlock, and it's up to Charlie to save him. Traveling through a painting to the terrifying countryside, Charlie and his best friend's dog, Runner Bean, take up the quest. But when Runner Bean gets trapped, Charlie needs the help of his friends. Can they get past an army of trolls, rescue Runner Bean and Charlie's ancestor, and get out before it's too late? Can Charlie outwit Court Harken and his sinister troops, or will the prisoners be doomed to being held captive in Badlock forever? Out September 1.

Isle of Fire: The spell-binding adventure continues as Captain Ross and his crew become pirate hunters for the British Government and Cat captains his own ship.
This intriguing, action-packed adventure will keep intermediate readers eagerly turning pages to find out if . . .
-There is a way to overcome the Vikings' powerful weapon on the Rain of Fire
-England's greedy king will betray the pirate-hunters and keep the monks' treasure for himself
-The ruthless pirate Bartholomew Thorn is still alive
-A evil Merchant finds a person continue his malevolent ways
-Cat regains his memory and will profess his faith or join the Merchant's crusade
-Anne escapes the Merchant's Lair

Out September 9.

The Chronicles of the Imaginarium Geographica-- The Indigo King: Out October 21.

PENDRAGON: Before the War-- The Travelers: Before Bobby Pendragon.Before Saint Dane. Before the war... Every territory of Halla has a Traveler. They lived for years -- some even for decades -- before learning of their true destiny. What was life like for Bobby Pendragon's fellow Travelers before they joined him in the fight to save every time and place that has ever existed? What led up to their becoming the guardians of Halla? The answers are here! In this first of three thrilling Pendragon prequels, read about Vo Spader's death-defying adventures in the underwater world of Cloral, Gunny Van Dyke's race to find a murderer in 1930's Manhattan on First Earth, and the tough challenges Kasha faced on Eelong well before Bobby Pendragon arrived... Out November 25.

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