Wednesday, April 30, 2008

"The Lost Books-- Renegade and Chaos" reviews

So, here we have it. The last two books published in a 4-book series (and all published this year) by Ted Dekker. The first two books, Chosen and Infidel, answered some questions and begged the asking of some new ones. But with the publication of these two books, the penultimate volumes in Dekker's massive, genre-redefining, Books of History/Project Showdown series, readers finally begin to get a sense of what it's all about-- and it's not what we thought.

Renegade starts at the precise moment when Infidel ends. Billos has done what he should never have done. He has entered the cover of one of the seven missing Books of History, taking the other two that the Chosen have found so far with him. This understandibly hits Darsal hard, seeing as Billos is the man she loves. So she sets out into the desert to find a way to reach him, with the young once-Scab Karas in pursuit. There, they must strike a dangerous bargain that could jeopardize their quest...

Meanwhile, Billos finds himself in Paradise, Colorado. He is in a lair of some kind, filled with worms. There he meets a man named Marsuvees Black, who has a plan he's about to set in motion...

Johnis and Silvie chase after them, knowing this may be a battle they cannot win. Their journey will take them to the ends of their world...

...and into ours.

Think about all of those questions you wanted answered. What's the purpose of getting all seven missing Books together? What is Alucard's secret plan? What are Red and White, really? What are the worms? They'll be answered, plus more, in true Ted Dekker style. And I'm beginning to think his style's improving. 2008 is a good year for Dekker, these being the fourth and fifth books he's published so far in it. And Sinner's on the way.

Beware reader, though, for a betrayal lies ahead.

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