Monday, December 28, 2009

Dreamhouse Kings: Whirlwind

If you hadn't noticed, serials are becoming a big thing nowadays. There are two Spiderwick serials, Stephen King wrote a serial... they're everywhere. But Robert Liparulo still stands out and delivers, giving a serial story in 300 page chunks every few months. I started reading a year ago, and it's already part 5. the cover for book 6, Frenzy, is on the back of Whirlwind, and it's supposed to be released in March. But Whirlwind is not just a way to describe the publishing schedule for Dreamhouse Kings. It's also exactly the way to describe this serial.

They've been to three worlds in less than a day. Time isn't just running out. It's running wild.

Having been everywhere from the Titanic to the Civil War, David, Xander, and Ed King look for any possible way of defeating Taksidian, the menace who wants their house to himself, and finding their lost mother. Things are getting desperate when they fall into a trap laid by Taksidian in his own lair, but that's only the beginning.

Jesse reveals the secret of the house and of the Kings. The house has a purpose beyond just the portals it fixes into place. In order to achieve this purpose, the Kings must not just survive history... but rewrite it. The clock is ticking, and one false move could be their last.

The key lies with the hulking monster known as Phemus. When is he from? Where is he from? It's these answers that will put the Kings in greater peril than ever.

This is one of those stories that needs to be started from the beginning. It's good news that House of Dark Shadows is so well-written. Robert Liparulo here stretches the boundaries of what a serial can be, making one of the longest ones ever written. Thomas Nelson, who also published Ted Dekker, once again does a nice job, making a great-looking book.

I've really come to enjoy getting to know David and Xander, Toria and Ed, Keal and Jesse, and all the rest of the characters that populate Liparulo's fantasy. Taksidian is truly an unnerving and unpleasant figure, making several chilling appearances in this volume. I know it's been 1500 pages, but it still feels really fresh. Give this series to any child, and they'll love it. Then, when they're done, borrow it from them. It works its magic just as well on adults.

My rating: 9.5/10. I can't wait for Frenzy.

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Melissa (My World) said...

This sounds like a great adventure. I am going to have to look into this series as well. Thanks for introducing it to me!