Wednesday, July 23, 2008

"The Dark Knight" review

So, here it is. The most hyped movie of the summer. It's rigorous advertising campaign, coupled with the massive viral marketing, makes it unique in sheer amount of hype. It has done better at the box office than Iron Man or Indiana Jones 4. It has broken records. THAT'S hype. And you know what?

It actually really lives up to the hype. All of it.

The story is fairly straightforward: Batman/Bruce Wayne sees Gotham in a period of time where he may no longer be needed. Gotham's new DA, Harvey Dent (who some of the police nickname "Two Face" because of his aggressive tactics) promises to really keep the scum off the streets. He is not afraid of criminals, so criminals are afraid of him.
But the Joker is all about chaos.

The Joker, played by the late, great Heath Ledger, is out to turn Gotham on its head. He is a firm believer that when the situation's bad, Gotham's people will turn on each other. And he's got a plan on how to show it. He's made a deal to kill Batman, and though I use the word plan, he doesn't really think of things like that. He wants to bring the world down around Batman-- and Harvey Dent.

"Wanna know how I got these scars?" he'll say, and you'll realize how truly evil, how truly insane he is. It's no wonder people want Heath Ledger to recieve a posthumous Oscar nod. Ledger's Joker takes over the screen (literally) and always keeps your attention. His ability to act out such a vivid and creepy character is a testament to his acting skills.
But that's not all. The filmmakers have thought of everything. Looking back over it, I have yet to find plot holes. Though it's the darkest comic book movie ever, it is hands down the best.

My rating: 10/10. The best movie of the year thus far.

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