Friday, February 8, 2008

"Skin" and "Blink" review

Skin: Note: this is officially a stand-alone novel. But you'll like it better if you don't think of it as such. Because, by the end the book sheds its own skin, showing us there's a world of mystery lying underneath. If you've read, for example, the Circle Trilogy or Showdown or even House, you'll see some things that ring a bell. And it's not just Sterling Red saying, "Wanna trip?"

Note 2: You probably want to read this before Chosen and Infidel. No spoilers here, though.

Well, now that that's said, on to the review.

Once again, just like any other Dekker novel, this starts off with the characters, as unique and interesting as usual, each one with a mysterious, dark past they're trying to hide. But the truth comes out eventually. This isn't really a story with a main character. If there was, it'd be a tie between the setting and the plot twist. Ooh, love that plot twist.

But a serial killer with a strange name I've already mentioned (Red. Hmm. Goes well with Black and White. Hey, those would make good titles for books! Maybe they could be a trilogy!) brings the cast together and shakes their view of reality. Has a layer of the world's skin been shed, or is this just part of Red's plan? And what about that cast? Is it really what's on the inside that counts?

Don't trust your eyes.

Blink: As far as I can tell, this really is a stand-alone novel. It is now retitled Blink of an Eye.

The future changes in the blink of an eye... or does it?

Aside from Seth's IQ of 193 (higher than Einstein's!), he can see the future. Well, not just one future, but all of the possible futures. And if he follows the wrong future, it could be at the cost of a Saudi princess's life.

This is classic Dekker. Not just classic Dekker, but Dekker at his best. Blink kept me riveted from page one and gave me a perfect way to spend a weekend. Sometimes, as with The Star Wars Holiday Special, I review things so you don't have to see them, but this, along with Skin, I firmly recommend.

Well, don't just read this. Get the books!


Reesie said...

I randomly came across your blog today and saw the review of these two Ted Dekker books. I am definetly intrigued to read Skin. I have read and own Blink. I love this book and this author. Great reviews. I would encourage everyone to pick up all of Ted Dekker's books.

D said...

I have never heard of Ted Dekker before reading this blog, but you have piqued my curiosity. I can't seem to make sense of all the interconnected novels and series though. Where should I begin? Which Dekker book should I read first to get a feel for whether I like his writing enough to continue with all the others?

The Writer said...

Well, where a lot of people start is THR3E. This is considered to be "classic Dekker" and is a stand-alone novel. "Blink" is also a stand-alone novel. The best way of jumping into the Books of History/Project Showdown/House/Skin storyline is with the Circle Trilogy. This starts with the book "Black". So, after the Circle Trilogy, the best place to go is "Showdown". Then "House", then "Saint", then "Skin". Dekker has also just released the first two books in the "Lost Books" series (to be reviewed) that also tie in.

I hope that clears things up a little. Your best bets are "THR3E", "Blink", and "Black".