Sunday, January 13, 2008

"Project Showdown" review

Isn't Ted Dekker great? I mean, he keeps churning out books at such a rapid pace, and with such quality, he could well be considered as one of the most prolific writers of our day. So far I've reviewed THR3E, House, Black, Red, and White, and I'm just getting started. Now, there's still one book left to come out in his Project Showdown "series", but since I've read the first two, I'll review them now.

Showdown: The name of the town is Paradise, and it becomes more and more ironic over the course of the story as events come into play to create what is perhaps the ultimate showdown between good and evil. A man named Marsuvees Black comes into Paradise, spreading a message of revival, giving everyone a taste of what he has in store. But his true intentions are more sinister than anyone is willing to suspect.

I can't reveal much of the plot, but well-versed Ted Dekker readers will find some interesting ties to some of his other books. And I can't praise it enough. It's perhaps my favorite of his novels.

Saint: Carl Strople doesn't know anything about his past, only that he's being put through a series of tests to become one of the deadliest assassins in history. The X Group has plans for him he doesn't grasp the fullness of. And he doesn't know if he even really is Carl Strople.

This is another of Dekker's signature blend of several genres, accompanied by a signature Dekker plot twist. And the tried and true formula works.

I'll be back again sometime to post some news in the book world, as well as some reviews of other Dekker books and other books in general.


T.C. Robson said...

I really need to check out Project Showdown - I absolutely adored Saint.

The Writer said...

You'll like Showdown even more. You'll get to know the characters even better.