Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

There's probably not much I can say here about this movie that hasn't been said at least a dozen times, but I'll say it anyway. This movie, clocking in at just under 3 hours in length, is a thrill ride (pardon the pun) from beginning to end. It shows some interesting new aspects of the characters, gives some great eye candy, and all the plot threads from the previous movies are resolved. That's right. All of them. We now know who Calypso is, how to free her, and how she played an important roll in the transformation of Davy Jones. We see all the troubles Will and Elizabeth are facing and how they try to solve them, testing their own love, even through tragedy.

Jack is in a strange predicament, sentenced to an eternity in Davy Jones's locker, where he becomes delusional, thinking up multiple Jacks to crew the Black Pearl (also in the locker). There is sand all around and no way to move the ship. Now, Jack is one of the nine Pirate Lords, the holder of oneof the nine Pieces of Eight needed to free Calypso. The Brethrem Court (of Pirate Lords) is about to meet, and they need to go get Jack. So Barbossa (yes, he's back), along with Tia Dalma, Will, and Elizabeth journey to Singapore to enlist the help of Pirate Lord Sao Feng (played by Chow Yun Fat). Sao Feng has the navigational charts necessary to get to World's End, the way to Davy Jones's locker. Also, Will is still trying to save his father and Lord Cutler Beckett is trying to get rid of every last pirate who sails the ocean blue. Savvy? And that's just the first ten minutes. Yes, it's complicated, but the action is inspired and the characters still aren't boring. Just go see it already.

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